Why Achievers' Mentorship?

Prepare for CLAT Prime with expert mentors as your FELLOW in this Journey!

As you know  CLAT Prime  Mentorship Programs are known to be highly customised student centric programs. It is designed to suit every students’ specific needs in their journey to ace the IPMAT admission test.

Achievers’ Mentorship Program is a strategic, long term and personalised course to provide holistic mentorship for Law college admission through CLAT.

The guiding motto behind this program is


so this program aims towards making the CLAT and other admission test preparation, an easy journey without unwarranted stress on our students. This program is driven by our Chief Mentor Mr Rajeev Sir’s decades of experience with the students and their highly stressful college admission test prep with their school Board. Therefore this program is designed with the proven methodology and research that if a student starts early and masters some basic skills simultaneously with their school classes, it will make the test prep journey stress free, enjoyable and also equips our students with all the required skill sets to ace the CLAT like aptitude tests. Moreover the students remain with their assigned mentors throughout their prep journey who make the journey very personalised with expert advice, strategic roadmap, readily available solutions to any hiccups in the prep journey.

We already know: ONE SIZE FITS ALL…NEVER WORKS!!!!!

So, This INNOVATIVE learning methodology is the FUTURE!!!

Features of the Achievers' Mentorship Program

If you are in class 11th and confused about your career speek to our Experts!!

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